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There are always some nice things to do on Bonaire! and one of them is Segway Bonaire its one of the best tours to do on the beautiful island of Bonaire, enjoy all the beautiful treasures and join us on a tour, we provide several different tours!, for more information visit our Segway-Tours page. Segway Bonaire is a young and dynamic company and are pleased that many people have found us to join us and discover the most beautiful places of Bonaire namely on the Segway, to get an impression of our different tours take a look at our photo gallery. To see more of Bonaire it's a great idea to step on the segway and take part of this activity wich is easy to do and doesnt take much effort to glide the segway and enjoy the beautifull caribbean ocean, during our many stops you have plenty of time to take pictures and listen to our guide telling you everything you need to know about the history and culture of Bonaire. He also tells you about the story of washikemba the indian inscriptions, slave houses the mermaid its to much to write down, we would like to invite you to take part in one of our Segway Bonaire tours, its also possible to book a Bonaire tours by bus so that you can see the complete island, have you seen our donkey sanctuary we have made a special tour for the park as well, our guide is happy to ride you over the park click here.

so iff you are looking for a Segway tour, Bonaire island tour (by bus), donkey tour in need of a dive guide or snorkel trip here at Segway Bonaire there are some nice things to do on Bonaire and you are at the right place to take a look on what we have to offer.

email or give us a call 00599 780 1472

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Start of the cruise season 2015/2016.

September 22 the launch of a new cruise season with more cruise ships for 2015/2016, for many people on the island an asset it brings more jobs.......

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DJ Chuckie during Utopia beach festival on the Segway.

Utopia beach festival has come down to Bonaire for a spectaculair evening with well known DJ's one of them DJ Chuckie

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